First Pro WebSite

Providing system analysis, expert web application development and web design services to my clients. Via content marketing have an invaluable part of the digital marketing strategy. Complete corporate image graphic redesign and internet business value improvement.

Rikiki - Garden Machines Luxembourg: Website in Development.

A family business that was founded in XX century. Thanks to an innate passion for mechanics.

Later refined by specialized technical courses they can offer technical assistance serious and qualified. constantly try to select for their customers the most reliable on the market for offers always have the certainty that in our shop are in the right place. They offer a full range of gardening products from small electric lawnmower to professional machine for cutting the green or the robotic cutting, small chainsaw to a professional one and again brush cutters, tillers, small tractors and mixers, pressure washer and well!
Thanks to fully equipped workshop guarantee an assistance service, which allows you to keep it for longer the machine's efficiency in complete reliability and work safety for the operator. Not only technical assistance but also provide a pre-post sales service to know every detail in the products chosen by the customer in order to recommend the best solution for its green spaces.

Project Management

Rely heavily on the GitLab project management system to organize development work. The project will have a client GitLab login providing complete access to sprint boards, tickets, comments, attachments, and view of code commits - it is used for task level scoping and planning.

System Analysis

Stem from Greek, meaning "to take apart" and "to put together", respectively the terms analysis and synthesis, used in many scientific disciplines, from mathematics and logic to economics and psychology, to denote similar investigative procedures. So why the web developers don't use it anymore?
If system analysis is "the process of studying a procedure or business in order to identify its goals and purposes and create systems and procedures that will achieve them in an efficient way" and another view sees system analysis as a problem-solving technique that breaks down a system into its component pieces for the purpose of the studying how well those component parts work and interact to accomplish their purpose, then make sense use it and I use it of course. It`s hard but "everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler".

Diagram: System Analisys


Special contributor: Senior Designer Luis Santos.

Web Design Key Elements:

  • Internet marketing and communication design.
  • Web graphic design.
  • Interface design.
  • Authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software.
  • User experience design (UI/UX).
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).


Providing the checks and balances necessary for running a high-availability production server environment efficiently I work with DSP Model (development, staging, and production).

  1. I test the code on a server designated as development to see whether that application will run with other code (development box).
  2. If the application is ready the application moves to a staging server. The staging server is a mirror copy of the production server
  3. Deployment to a production server.

If the move is successful, the application becomes part of the production server.

Blog Release

Café Basilika Webpage Launch.

Building bridges into the community. A volunteering project. Responsive Web Design offer by injected expert CEO and advanced Social Media Integration.

Online communities present multiple opportunities for enhanced business and social value. They create an experience that helps achieve goals.
Developing an online community is not a quick project; it is an investment that requires time, strategy and dedication. To keep alive this small and unique cafe, the last space of conviviality and local confraternization, this is my modest contribution.

Blog Key Elements:

  • Magnetic headline: The coffee is emblematic in the region .
  • Informative and engaging body.
  • Appealing graphics.
  • Powerful call-to-action.
  • Captivating Story.
  • Optimized for Sharing and Conversions.

New feature: Search

Custom built-in search functionality in JavaScript implemented.

Internal site search give the ability to internally search this website. Offers a better overall user experience, critical insights on content, and feedback on optimal site organization. This feature is not a third-party search engine.

The internal search engine is set up to search the entire website, including interior pages, blog posts, landing page, and forms.

Benefits of internal Website Search:

  • It makes most sense to custom-code it into the website.
  • Ability to fine-tune the search results.
  • Visitors can easily find information on this website.
  • The information here is focused on internal site search ad-free.
  • Offers a better overall user experience, critical insights on content, and feedback on optimal site organization.

Next improvements:

  • Multilingual translation.
  • WebReader.
  • Auto-complete.
  • Spelling suggestions.
  • Recognize synonyms and alternative terms.
  • Support homophones.
  • Ignore stop words.
  • Accommodate variant word forms with stemming.
  • Refine the search engine to specific and certain contents.
  • Metrics for search performance: precision and recall.
  • Provide curated search suggestions.